Dan Eggertsen,
Catfish Fishing Researcher

12 Backcountry Catfish Fishermen Reveal Jealously-Guarded
“Fish Slamming” Secrets They Used To Catch Catfish... Or Starve!

Discover how these unusual “primal instinct control” secrets attract catfish and stimulate attacks… now you can haul in monster catfish too!

Dear Catfish Fisherman,

If you think you've "tried everything" for catching catfish, you're in for the biggest shock of your life.

There's a secretive fishing brotherhood that discovered how to stimulate catfish "instinct triggers". Their closely-guarded techniques consistently embarrass almost every other fisherman who tries to compete.

These old school catfishermen aren't any smarter than anyone else, but there's a serious advantage they had that most guys never will…

They Were Forced To Catch Catfish… Or Starve To Death!

When you're dirt poor (some of these guys grew up during the Great Depression and World War II), and your survival depends on catching fish -- you figure things out real quick. You’ll do almost anything to put a free meal on the table... and you'll catch the hell out of 'em, even when other people swear they "aren't biting".

These good ol’ boys survived by discovering unique and brilliant methods of catching catfish.

Why catfish? Because they were the best tasting fish in these guys' fishing spots. (if you cook 'em right, they are damn good eatin')

So these fishermen figured out how to catch them like crazy... and now they've become small town catfishing legends. (They're also known for pulling out catfish consistently, even when nobody else can get a bite...)

Even professional catfishermen can’t hold a candle to these guys.

Look, anyone who gets paid to catch catfish as a professional knows what they are doing. They’ve got great advice.

But every professional catfisherman has to follow certain rules. And most of them never had to catch catfish to put food on the table. (Heck, some of the pros come from serious money, with their big boats and expensive fishing equipment)

In A “No Rules” Fishing Contest,
Who Would You Bet On?

The fishing pro who normally follows strict tournament rules… or…

The “old school” catfisherman who had to crawl inside the mind of a catfish… discover how to trigger its attack instincts… and haul them in by the bucket-load so his family could eat that night?

I’ll put my money on the old school guy all day long, and twice on Sundays!


Because I was lucky enough to break into an inner circle of these catfishing gurus. And the secrets they use are so unique -- and so damn effective for stimulating catfish attacks, other fishermen just can’t compete.

That’s because most of us aren’t desperate enough to spend thousands of hours testing different strategies. And when you’re desperate -- you’ll do whatever is necessary to pull up a mother-load of catfish… fast.

These Old School Fishermen Prove It Has
Nothing To Do With Luck...

Sure, everyone gets lucky once in awhile. Hell, I’ve been in the same spot with the same bait on back to back days. On day one I was shut out… but on day two I absolutely killed it! And I’ve got no explanation why.

But how about the old school guy who “kills it” every time he goes catfishing? I’ll tell you one thing… it ain’t luck.

You get to your fishing spot and ask, “Did you guys catch anything?”

You hear bad news from almost everyone out there. “Not a bite”, or “Caught a couple small ones and had to throw ‘em back.” Soon, a few guys get bored and go home.

Then you see a rugged old guy out by himself. He’s catching keeper catfish, and throwing them back, because he caught his limit 2 hours ago!

He’s in the same location, at the same time of day, using similar equipment… but he’s pulling up dozens of catfish, while everyone else struggles.

The first time you see a guy like this, you might think he’s just a lucky S.O.B. But when you see him doing it again, and again, and again – it drives you absolutely crazy because you can’t figure out how he’s so damn good.

You see, catching catfish consistently has nothing to do with luck because…

These Old School Fishing Gurus Laser Focus On
The Only 3 Areas Of Catfishing That Matter

1. Find them (If you can’t find ‘em, you ain’t gonna catch ‘em)

Give one of these guys a 10 second glace at your body of water – and he’ll know EXACTLY where schools of catfish are waiting to ambush.

You see, catfish have certain “programmed” tendencies. And if you know the secret for using mother nature to target the largest schools of catfish, you’ll be the guy fishing in exactly the right spot. (There are also tactics these guys use to exploit the natural habilitation–- attracting swarms of catfish to almost any spot!)

2. Get catfish to attack YOUR bait

The old school guys know how a catfish thinks, and they use special techniques to trigger its feeding instincts… stimulating an instant attack.

They get bites consistently using “doctored up” baits and lures with special movement patterns. When done right, these techniques are irresistible to catfish.

Plus, they’ve discovered how to sense more bites…

You’d be shocked how many catfish have taken your bait into their mouths, then spit it out and got away… without you even knowing.

Of course, some nibbles are impossible to detect. But if you get the inside scoop on how to detect more strikes, you can easily increase the amount of catfish you catch by 300%... no shit! (Don’t believe me? Just wait until these good ol’ boys show you a few bite sensitivity secrets. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see how many you’ve been losing!)

Bottom line: you don’t want to fish next to one of these guys… unless you don’t mind watching him pull ‘em out right and left -- stealing most of the action with his secret techniques.

3. Bring them in (without losing them!)

FACT: Catfish won't always hit your bait hard. Sometimes they gently "mouth" it first, and it’s easy to lose ‘em by setting your hook wrong.

There’s only one thing worse than going home without a bite. It’s losing a record-breaking catfish in the middle of the fight because it spit your bait out. (Or worse, your line breaks)

You see, losing catfish was not an option for master catfishermen with families to feed. So they discovered fail-safe methods to bring in the biggest fighters… even those thrashing “monsters”.

Just imagine the huge increase in catfish you’d catch with just a few old school secrets in each of these areas (finding fish, getting a bite, reeling it in)… you could easily ten times the amount of catfish you catch starting next week.

Who Are These 12 “Old School” Catfishing Legends?

These old guys are some crazy characters... it'd be a hoot throwing back a beer with any of them.

But under the surface, they're hard core catfishermen.

And due to circumstances beyond their control -- each guy found himself in a situation where he had to catch fish for survival. For some it was growing up in the Great Depression or World War II... for others it was being in a large family, with low income.

Here's a quick list of all 12 guys:

Fisherman #1: Earnest "Cat Killer" Turner (He's been at it for 56 years, and used his grandfather's secrets to catch over 1000 catfish in a 5 month period from last May through September.)

Fisherman #2: Alan "Big Tex" Irving (His dad, a former U.S. Marine, showed him how to influence the behavior of big lunker catfish to attack special baits on sight.)

Fisherman #3: Ron "The Catfish Wrangler" Woodard (This guy grew up poor, and started catching catfish for food when he was 3 years old. His dad was a traveling career man in the Navy, and Ron has caught catfish in every region of the U.S.)

Fisherman #4: Joe "Night Stalker" Orloski (Joe has discovered an amazing system for creating "catfish hunting grounds" at night... and he's created a secret list of baits that catch 'em like crazy. Plus, he's tweaked his system to work during the daytime too.)

Fisherman #5: "Lazy" Lee Croxton (He's our "lazy" bank fishing master, and he's developed secret methods of catching a mess of catfish almost automatically.)

Fisherman #6: Stephen "The Mad Scientist" Jaskowak (This guy actually breeds catfish in his backyard pond, and tests different methods of stimulating bite reactions. He's also got a bunch of old school tricks up his sleeve after 38 years of fishing with his "hard core" catfishing family.)

Fisherman #7: James "The Prodigy" Ketchum (James was "born to fish", and at 4 years old he out caught all his dads friends with a stick, a washer, a hook, and some crickets he caught. He recently caught a 76 pound monster cat on 6 pound test line.)

Fisherman #8: Randy "The General" Musgrove (A master catfishing strategist. He's developed unique bait and rigging combinations to slam catfish in "under the radar" hotbeds.)

Fisherman #9: Ed "The Bait Doctor" Karshner (Owns a mom 'n pop fishing outfitter shop, and specializes in unique bait doctoring secrets for attracting catfish... and triggering strikes.)

Fisherman #10: Clayton "Stinky" Young (He makes deadly catfish baits by adding special ingredients to his grandfather's secret recipes. His baits can draw in catfish from over 100 yards away... and drive them into a frenzy)

Fisherman #11: Steve "Bloodhound" Farmer (When he was a kid, he fished with his "papa" and discovered sneaky tricks to locate catfish ambush spots. Then they developed a fool-proof method to figure out exactly what they'll bite on.)

Fisherman #12: Albert "Pied Piper" McBee (He's been studying catfishes' biology, habits, and instincts for over 55 years. He has his own catfish guide service and guarantees everyone gets their limit of channel cats in less than 2 hours.)

These old masters don’t use expensive gear, and they laugh at the latest “hot gadget” or fishing T.V. show. They know very few of these “fads” really help people catch catfish…

Instead, they absorbed every sacred fishing secret they got from their fathers, grandfathers, and local “old masters” of the day.

I’m not talking about the stuff you’ll read in the latest “professional catfishing guide”. I’m talking about the old school secrets, passed from generation to generation… discovered through years of catfishing. Each one tested, each one proven to work by putting enough fish on the table to feed the whole family... every single night.

Do You Want In On Their Catfishing Family Secrets?

If you were to ask one of these 12 old school fishermen how he catches so many catfish… he’ll usually give you a line of “BS”. Or he’ll just smile and say, “just gettin’ lucky”. Yeah, right – what a crock!

Well, a year ago, I accidentally discovered how these guys are doing it! And it turned into one of the most amazing experiences of my life…

How I Discovered The Secrets Of 12 Old School Catfishing Masters Who Had To Catch Fish, Or Starve!

My name is Dan Eggertsen, and I always believed there were secrets for dominating local catfish spots. It always killed me to hear about old backcountry guys bringing home enormous stringers of catfish -- while I was struggling to get a bite. (I was sick and tired of coming home empty handed... it's embarrassing!)

How the hell did they do it?

Well, one day about 3 years ago I got a surprise phone call from an old Kentucky fisherman. It turns out he was friends with my Great Uncle (in World War II), and he called to find out if I was related.

He told me crazy stories about my Uncle, and we became fast friends.

Then the fishing stories started... and towards the end of the phone call (4 hours and 6 beers later), he told me about a secret brotherhood of old school catfishermen in the U.S.

He said these guys have unique secrets for hauling in buckets of catfish at will - even a hundred in a single day... and even when nobody else is catching any!

At first I didn't believe him... until he told me he's one of them! (...and he proved it by revealing two fishing strategies that absolutely floored me!)

I was dying to find out more, and I told him I wanted "in" on all these secrets. And that's when he gave me a brilliant idea!

For this idea to work, I had to get each of these guys on the phone. So he gave me a list of their names and phone numbers. (he laughed when I asked for email addresses... most of these guys don't even have computers)

Then I called every single one of them on the phone. (I even had to track down a few guys that had moved...)

And once I got ahold of them, it was like pulling teeth to get any information about their catfish catching secrets… but after a lot of begging (and a special incentive) they slowly started talking… and once they got going, I couldn’t get them to shut up!

“Legal Bribery” Convinced Them To Reveal Their Most
Closely-Guarded Catfishing Secrets!

The key was to get these tight-lipped old guys to start talking. It wasn’t easy, and I had to get creative.

You see, for years people begged these old school fishermen to give up their secrets… and for years they’ve kept quiet. Frankly, I think they got tired of people expecting to get their family fishing secrets for free.

…Until A Young Whipper-Snapper Offered To Pay For Them... Me!

Who wouldn’t want to talk about something they love, and get paid for it?

But even money wasn’t enough, at first. It wasn’t until I gained their trust that they really opened up… and their secrets gushed through the phone like water through a broken dam.

My jaw hit the floor when I discovered some of their wild and crazy methods. (Like mass catfish attraction principles, attack stimulation techniques, “bait magnetizing” secrets, etc…)

"...caught a 40 pound flathead...
his weight almost pulled me over the side!"

(Click "play" to hear Jacob's message - 59 seconds)

Hey Dan,

I took a combination of methods laid out in your catfish course and caught a 40 pound flathead with my buddy. We used the tactics for finding the location, picking our bait, rigging our rods, and the technique we used.

10 minutes after the bobber went down the fish ran towards the boat, and when I put the net out there his weight almost pulled me over the side! We were thrilled to pull him in, and got the picture I sent you before letting him go.

So far from the course I've used 3 different riggings, the depth strategies, location strategies, 5 different baits, and the chumming techniques -- and I've been catching an average of 5 more catfish per outing.

The course is awesome, and these guys gave me all their experience. And more experience equals more fish caught. It would take someone years to figure all this out on their own. Almost every situation is covered with unique strategies and tactics.

I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to increase the size and number of catfish they catch.

Thanks Dan, and have a good day.

Jacob Branham
Chatham, Illinois

Jacob (on the left) with the whopper that
almost pulled him overboard!

And towards the end of the phone calls, something unexpected happened…

Half Of Them Refused To Take My Money!

As it turns out, they didn’t spill their guts because of the money. They just wanted to pass on their legacy to someone they trust. When you get old, you understand you won’t be around forever. And…

If you take your secrets to the grave, they’ll be lost…

This was a chance for these old school catfishermen to leave a legacy. To let someone they trust record their fishing secrets, their stories, their words of wisdom.

They know they’ll never be forgotten now.

Imagine The Catfish You’d Catch If You Got Ahold Of
These Old School Secrets…

…and imagine the confidence that comes with knowing you’ll catch catfish instead of just hoping (like most fishermen do).

Your success will frustrate other people you fish with at first. They’ll wonder how the heck you’re catching so many, so fast.

But that frustration will turn into a deep respect for your ability to pull up more catfish than any other fisherman on the water… and do it almost every time!

"...we caught 75 catfish in 6 hours...
and kept our limit of 50!"

(Click "play" to hear Mike's message - 1 minute 41 seconds)

Hi Dan,

I had to call and compliment you on capturing the secrets of the old fishing survivalists in your course. These guys remind me of my grandpa and his zeal for the fishing quest.

It's down to earth, and very easy to absorb. I've never been so excited about fishing.

There are many unique techniques in the course, and I've already incorporated many things into my fishing.

Using some of the shallow water techniques and the old school bait recipes, we caught 75 catfish in 6 hours... and kept our limit of 50. I've never caught near that many before in a single day.

I also hauled in my personal best - a 28 pounder using one of the jug fishing setups.

These guys prove you don't need fancy equipment, and you've got exactly what you need around the house. I won't be wasting my money on high tech equipment when I can catch them with these techniques.

Dan, it's always been a pleasure to deal with you and your assistant. I had questions and I was relieved to get return phone calls and emails from you guys. I always got personal service from you, which is rare these days - and a breath of fresh air.

Thanks again Dan, for this one-of-a kind "old school catfish fishing" resource!

Mike Soileau
Atlanta, Texas

Just a few of the 75 catfish Mike and his
partner slammed in just six hours!

Just think about the thrill of catfish slamming your bait almost the instant it hits the water, and…

Picture The Looks On Your Buddies’ Faces When You Catch More Catfish Then All Of Them… Combined!

They’ll be scratching their heads wondering how you caught so many, if you put the perfect old school secrets to work.

Catching catfish will be easy for you.

You’ll know exactly where to go, what to do, and what bait to use in every situation… in any body of water. (even if you’ve never fished there before!)

"I caught 35 channel cats in a single day..."

(Click "play" to hear Peter's message - 1 minute 41 seconds)


I just wanted to say that each one of the guys in your course is a seasoned catfishermen, and it would be foolish not to listen to every word they say when it comes to fishing.

They've given me a renewed vigor for catfishing with their wealth of knowledge and warm personalities.

I've been using one of the chumming methods along with the bait doctoring tips for minnows and cut shad... and the results have been amazing.

I caught 35 channel cats in a single day with this information, and I accidentally caught a 54 pound flathead with the "no tension" rigging and one of the fresh baits recommended in the course.

I go for channel catfish exclusively. But this time, I felt a few tugs and set the hook. I thought I was snagged before the thing started running! I finally landed it after a 30-35 minute battle. It was a big old flathead, and it was really a thrill.

The overall presentation of the course sets it apart from every other fishing product I've used. These guys actually test this stuff, and it's all laid out simply so it's easy to duplicate their results.

Anyone willing to put together such a vast amount of knowledge shows that they not only have a genuine love of fishing, but that they also care about other anglers experiences as well.

Thanks so much Dan. I'd recommend your course to anyone serious about catching catfish.

Peter Heston
Ewlria, Ohio

Some nice channel cats hauled in with the "no tension"
rigging and a few of the fresh bait techniques!

Imagine how it will feel when you are the “fisherman to beat”… everyone watching you like a hawk.

Then… BANG, BANG, BANG! They’ll sit in stunned silence while you hook up with catfish after catfish. But the fun doesn’t stop there…

You’ll Discover Monster Catfish Tactics For
Catching The Biggest In Your Spot!

You can feel the thrill of hauling in huge lunkers more often than ever. That’s because some of these secrets focus on attracting and targeting the biggest catfish in your spot... almost automatically.

Ever dreamed of breaking the local catfish record? The “Monster Catfish” techniques (listed below) will make it possible by drastically increasing the size of catfish you catch.

"I used the "natural enemy" bait secret...
and I got nailed by a 40 pound hog!"

(Click "play" to hear Rod's message - 1 minute 9 seconds)

Dan, this is Rod Russell and your catfish course gets an A+ from me.

I used one of the live bait secrets in the course to beat my best catch ever. I hauled in a 40 pound flathead. My previous record was only 18 pounds.

I was in my favorite river and used the "natural enemy" bait secret detailed in the course, and I let it drift down into a drop off area... and 5 minutes later, I got nailed by a 40 pound hog! It took me 45 minutes to haul it into the boat... and I let out a hoot that was probably heard for miles!

All these guys are good ole boys, and I felt like I was sitting in my boat with them, just shooting the breeze about fishing. I felt a real connection with Randy Musgrove, and I went through his CD and guide 3 different times.

All of them had family secrets to reveal, and they didn't hold back one bit.

I believe their information will double anyone's catch average. The course is very professionally done. I would recommend it to anyone, and have already recommended it to my closest friends.

Just wanted to give you my experience with it.

Thanks Dan.

Rod Russell
Blfufldo, Indiana

Rod with his personal record
40 pound flathead... caught with
the "natural enemy" bait secret!

Now, brace yourself for the most amazing “step-by-step” collection of old school catfish fishing secrets on the planet.

Old School Catfisherman #1: Earnest "Cat Killer" Turner

Over 56 years of catfishing, Earnest has discovered unique riggings and techniques to locate hidden catfish "honey holes" and catch a huge mess of 'em.

If you want to catch a ton of catfish, Earnest is your man because he caught more than 1000 catfish from last May through September!

FACT: Earnest used his grandfather's secrets to catch over 1000 catfish in a 5 month period from last May through September!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 12 seconds)

His grandfather showed him all his secrets when Earnest was a kid... and he's discovered some amazing "twists" to these old secrets you can use to blast your catch count through the roof!

(Click the play button to hear him - 10 seconds

It wasn’t easy to get him to talk about his best stuff…but once I got him talking, boy did he spill his guts! You’ll discover:

A secret and systematic jigging method for catching a mess of catfish with lightening speed around tree stumps! (Yep… the guy has figured out how to catch the hell out of them with a jig setup… and it works so well it’s become his “go to” method when fishing against his buddies)

A super-sensing rig setup that acts like "invisible fingers" at the bottom, so you can actually feel exactly what’s happening below... even the slightest nibble!

How Earnest accidentally caught an 18 pound yellow catfish when he was perch fishing… and the powerful technique this "accidental catch" revealed for hauling in flatheads! (Hint: flatheads are predators, not scavengers like channels and blues... and you’ve gotta fish ‘em completely different)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 28 seconds)
The "bottom feeding catfish myth" exposed: Why catfish don't always feed on the bottom... and how to catch a ton of suspending catfish with a specialized type of chum, and a slip cork. 
The lost (and deadly) art of “trick fishing” for catfish. (Talk about old school… his grandfather showed him this amazing technique over 50 years ago, and Earnest still uses it to catch a world of catfish!)  

The “perfect” night catfishing cut bait Ernest has been killing’ ‘em on for years!

An old school method for rigging dozens of “invisible” poles that catch catfish for you… on autopilot! (You’ll cut up a popular children’s toy to set this up, and slam 'em... while you sit back and relax) 

A shocking discovery Ed made when he sliced open the stomachs of 100 catfish... and found a little-known forage food they suck up like vacuum cleaners. (It’s impossible to bait your hook with these, but Earnest will show you how to use this information to locate secret catfish hot beds that are rarely fished!)

Earnest’s fool proof technique for catching a rare river herring by the hundreds using 2 leaders, a treble hook, a soda straw, and an inflatable bubble. (They are the most devastating catfish candy in North America… hands down! Now you can catch as many as you need with ease!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 8 seconds)

Earnest’s “stop and start” fishing formula that completely eliminates boredom and downtime. (This one works like magic to keep the fish "on" all day long…)

Super potent “bait cubes” Earnest spreads through a 30 foot radius to attract slews of feeding catfish in less than 45 minutes!

5 old school secrets for rigging your hook to stab through the hardest part of a catfishes' jaw… and almost never lose 'em!

How to use a delicate Canadian worm to practically force catfish to suck it in... and get hooked. (Even though they are native to Canada, these power packed baits are easily found throughout North America, if you know where to look...and Earnest tells all!)

And much, much more!

Old School Catfisherman #2: Alan "Big Tex" Irving

His dad was a U.S. Marine, and an old school master of manipulating lunker catfish behavior with attraction and bite stimulation tactics. He held several local records.

Every time he came home, he'd take Alan fishing to strengthen the father-son bond.

He showed young Alan every secret in his bag of tricks before he passed away years ago.

(Click the play button to hear Alan talk about fishing with his dad - 8 seconds)

...and Alan is going to show you every one of them, like:

A sneaky tactic that puts flathead catfish in a "Jaws-like" feeding frenzy... so they actually attack baitfish on the surface! (Ever wonder what it would be like to feed a great white shark? This may be the closest thing to it when you drop your bait right on top of them... and catch dozens!)
How to “program” your fishing rig to set the hook automatically... at precisely the right instant. (This brilliant rigging almost completely eliminates any chance for an escape...)

How to doctor up chicken livers with a common Chinese herb that will draw catfish away from other baits in the water... to yours! (This “doctored” chicken liver sends out a completely unique and irresistible scent catfish are biologically wired to attack!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 15 seconds)
The ultimate “lazy man’s” commercial catfish bait that blows all others out of the water. (Alan has tested hundreds of these… and this is the one catfish obliterate in almost any area of the country)
How to laser target the perfect bait and depth combination for catching catfish using “cooperative shot gunning”. (Figuring out the right bait and depth is 99% of the battle for getting bites… and Alan will show you a little trick to hone in on the magic combination in minutes!)
How to use a can of beer to create a frothing mass of catfish at the bottom of your favorite spot within 10 minutes!
2 “lunchbox” baits for turning on finicky catfish in less than 7 minutes. (You can find these strike stimulating baits in any 4th graders lunch… and it's the perfect solution for turning a dead spot into a catfish "bite zone"!)
The “beheaded perch secret” Alan’s wife laughed at… until she hauled in a beautiful 8 pound flathead... just seconds after her bait hit the water!

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 19 seconds)
How to consistently catch 40-60 pound catfish by using “legally captured” game fish for bait! (This is legal in most states… and if you follow Alan’s simple instructions, you'll seriously increase your odds of hauling in an enormous lunker on every trip!)

An odorless “redneck chum” that will subtly steal catfish from other spots by attracting them to your location. (Hint: scent isn't the only way to attract catfish... and this brilliant "fish stealing" secret exploits a unique catfish characteristic that brings 'em to you!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 18 seconds)

2 shocking discoveries made by a deep water welder for catching record-shattering monster cats. (He regularly comes "face to face" with catfish large enough to swallow a man whole... and he's noticed 2 behavior patterns that will make them easier for you to find, and hook… but hauling them in is all up to you!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 33 seconds)
And much, much more!

Old School Catfisherman #3:
Ron "The Catfish Wrangler" Woodard

Ron has been catching catfish for 59 years (he started at the ripe old age of 3!)... and he's pulled up catfish in almost every region of the country, because his dad was a traveling career man in the U.S. Navy. (He's nailed 'em in Florida, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Oklahoma... just to name a few.)

(Click the play button to hear about his experiences - 35 seconds)

He grew up dirt poor - and had to catch fish to help put food on the table. And when they weren't biting... he had to get "creative"... and force them onto his hook by any means possible!

(Click the play button to hear about it - 17 seconds)

Here's a list of just some of the brilliant strategies he came up with to catch catfish - even when it seemed they wouldn't bite on anything:

How to add “secret spice” to your night crawlers with an old school secret that blows regular crawlers away... 3 catches to 1! (Ron has been testing this secret against regular crawlers for over 6 years…. and the "spicy crawlers" destroy them in every situation!)
The late winter “grinded” bait that absolutely slays sluggish winter catfish! (You’ll kick yourself for not thinking of this one first… because it makes perfect sense...)
How Ron caught 14 crappie over 3 pounds in just 2 hours… and then caught 9 catfish over 15 pounds while his buddies sat there empty handed…and jealous beyond belief! (Ron used the exact same bait for both species, and only altered it slightly to slam the catfish... and he’s gonna show you how he did it)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 34 seconds)
A “bait discovery” secret that quickly determines the exact bait catfish are waiting to attack! (Ron will show you how to set this system up, so the catfish "show" you exactly how to catch them!)
A little-known bait that releases a biologically proven catfish-attracting scent, and "rings the dinner bell" for every catfish in a 100 yard radius… (This special bait only releases scent during the first 2 hours after you catch 'em... and Ron will show you how to grab hundreds of these quickly!)
A new twist that "super charges" an old bait so it stimulates a catfishes’ attack mechanism! (Hint: the "twist" has to do with a unique smell almost nobody uses! )
A common children’s snack that doubles as a surprisingly deadly channel catfish bait… (Important: the beef version catches channels like crazy… but the chicken and turkey won’t catch squat!)
How to locate catfish holes and trigger ambush strikes that slam your bait like a sledgehammer! (Catfish are opportunistic feeders, and Ron will show you how to exploit their instincts to attack "wounded prey" in certain situations...)

The brilliant strategy of dissolving a common household substance into the water, to drive catfish into a feeding frenzy... so they’ll instantly attack anything you drop into the water!

How to rig a “zero-gravity” bait that almost completely eliminates the odds of catfish spitting it out. (Hint: catfish are “resistance” shy when they bite, and this zero gravity setup makes it impossible for them to feel a thing!)

A wickedly-effective catfish bait laying right under your nose every time you stand over your sink. (This one kills ‘em…especially on trot lines. You won't believe it 'till you try it!) (This secret comes straight from Ron’s Uncle Jesse in the backwoods...)
How to "click" bottom-dwelling catfish into attack-mode by prepping your spot with a mouthwatering smell... before they slaughter the stench filled super bait you drop right on top! (Ever see a great white shark feeding frenzy on the Discovery Channel? This technique proves catfish really are "freshwater sharks”...)
How to out fish almost anyone with Ron’s old school “bait levitation” secret… (Hint: people who say catfish are “bottom feeders” are only half right)
How to rig "easy pickings" bait presentations catfish will grab without a thought... until you nail him with a screaming hook set that pierces through its jaw like a lightening bolt!)
The strategic 8 piece drift setup that turns your boat into a floating catfish killer. (You’ll quickly locate catfish hot spots… and the exact bait they are dying to eat!)
A seasonal guide for pulling up a motherload of catfish in each season of the year. (The habits of catfish change dramatically in each season, and Ron will show you how to change your baits, depths, and strategies to catch a ton...)

The winter time “protein” secret that exploits catfishes' cold-weather survival instincts... luring them out of structure, and onto your hook. (Ever wish winter fishing was as productive as spring fishing? This is a quick and easy way to fire up the bite in the winter...almost instantly) (Warning: this is not for the squeamish because it involves peeling the skin off a water dwelling creature... turning it into “catfish candy” they can't resist!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 9 seconds)
The “jumbo drifting” catfish catching secret Ron would use if he had to catch 5 catfish in 5 minutes... or die!
A shocking incident in 1960 that forced Ron to murder a 40 pound catfish with a pitchfork! (And that’s not all he had to kill that day…)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 1 minute 52 seconds)
How to catch hundreds of catfish attracting frogs with a hookless cane pole! (If you’ve never used this common species of frog for bait, you’ve been missing out on the easiest way to catch channel cats in the U.S.!)
A powerful jug fishing bait catfish tear into like a miniature buzz saws… (Ron used this bait to feed his family for a week when he was just 15!)
And a lot more!

Old School Catfisherman #4:
Joe "Night Stalker" Orloski

Joe is a night catfishing fanatic, and over the last 22 years he's developed specialized baits to create swarming catfish "hunting grounds". Then he uses his unique techniques to haul 'em in hand over fist.

Joe "The Night Stalker" reveals:

How to mix a special type of horse feed with a canned beverage to create swarms of feeding catfish in less than 1 hour. (When you pre-bait multiple spots with this secret concoction, there is no limit to the amount of catfish you can catch in a single day!)
An old school “hybrid” catfish hook that combines the hooking benefits of the J-hook and the circle hook. (Not only will this hook sink into the perfect spot on a catfish’s mouth... but it will set itself almost automatically!)
The secret recipe for a bait that smells worse than dog crap, but has been used to break local records for number of catfish caught. (Joe finally got an old guy to give him the recipe after 15 years… now you can use it to crush your buddies next time you go fishing – just don’t tell them how you did it!)
An ingenious rigging that automatically gets your bait to the perfect depth, and gives you an extra 20 feet on the end of every cast! (Hint: you’ll use bobbers, stoppers, and a small neon object you can only find at Wal-Mart)
A brilliant old school strategy for catching hundreds of shad in the blink of an eye… and a sneaky shad presentation catfish will tear to pieces! (You’ll also discover a creative "dead shad" fishing secret Joe uses when the action slows… to fire it back up again!)
The “bobber flip” secret that kills ‘em around rock walls. (This one is weird, but it actually stimulates "defense strikes" so you don't have to sit around a wait... you can get them to attack instantly!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 12 seconds)
How to slam catfish by exploiting special properties in bird crap! (This is “no shit”… and it can be the best bait you ever use if you prepare it properly…)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 20 seconds)
How Joe accidentally caught a mess of catfish in one foot of water when fishing for reds and stripers… (this happened years ago, and it became one of his secret shallow water catfish baits)
A scientific test that revealed a sneaky (and legal) method for catching hundreds of catfish in the winter. (They actually shocked the water to make this amazing discovery… and Joe will show you how to capitalize on it big time!)

The proven method of "perfect chicken liver preparation" that attracts larger than average catfish, and makes them easy to hook!

A “sitting duck” catfish bait commonly found in household ponds... and a little trick for rigging them to catch a slew of flatheads!

(Click the play button to hear what he caught using it - 26 seconds)
A species of fish that will trigger immediate instinct strikes from the biggest flatheads in the area! (Hint: you can only find this “flathead candy” in pet stores)
How to build "flathead hunting grounds" bursting with fish in any of your local spots. (If you want to see a shark-like feeding frenzy, follow Joe's simple instructions, and hold on to your hat!)
How to doctor up “Bill’s catfish bait” to increase your bites by 60%!
...and much more!

Old School Catfisherman #5:
"Lazy" Lee Croxton

This bank fishing master has spent 37 years perfecting his catfish catching "systems" for hooking 'em on autopilot.

Lee doesn't believe fishing should be work, and his methods guarantee the only work you'll do is fighting them once they've been hooked.

Imagine sitting back with a beer while Lee's "set it and forget it" systems do the dirty work for you... until it comes time to haul 'em in!

You’ll discover:

How to exploit a catfishes' natural "ambush strategy" to catch the biggest monsters in your local waters. (You’ll simulate the perfect ambush scenario to stimulate strikes over and over and over again...)
A crappie fishing technique Lee discovered works like gangbusters for catching catfish. (He figured this out by freak accident!)
How to build a cheap and easy catfish catching machine using 3 pints of chicken livers, 2 bags of shrimp, 10 hot dogs, and a bucket of live worms. (This ingenious setup will catch catfish on autopilot... while you sit back and relax!)
How to “thread ‘n pop” chicken liver to your hook so it stays on without using rubber bands, nylon, or cotton balls.

An automated catfish catching system Lee uses to hook catfish in his sleep... with deadly consistency! (Lee has fine tuned this over the last 10 years, and he'll show you how to set it up with materials found in almost every garage...)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 44 seconds)
A huge mistake that is directly responsible for 74% of catfish that steal bait off the hook! (Almost every catfisherman makes this big blunder...)
How to get perfect hook sets almost 100% of the time... automatically! (Lee uses a tiny device that takes all the guesswork out of setting the hook... and he'll show you how to get one too...)
A simple tweak that can instantly double the number of catfish you haul in on every trip. (This old secret goes far beyond a simple double hook rig)
A homemade “3 pronged” catfish bait Lee never leaves home without. (The combined smell of this mixture triggers their shark-attack instincts... sending them into a feeding frenzy!)

A children’s pet that is also one of the most effective (and little-known) catfish baits in the United States!

How an old sweaty sock can create a pre-feeding scent for catfish… so they'll strike the first "easy meal" they see. (That’s when you drop your bait right on top of them for instant hookups!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 19 seconds)
A guaranteed method of slaughtering catfish during 30 minute “secret streaks”! (Lee will tell you how to identify these special times... and how to rig a unique bait presentation they'll zero in on and attack!)
A stomach churning concoction made with corned cream that draws catfish in from 1/4 mile away... and kicks their feeding instincts into high gear within 45 minutes! (This secret is straight out of the backwoods… don't smell it if you want to keep your lunch!)
How to use live perch to break your local catfish records! (Warning: This technique is considered cheating in some states… use at your own risk!)
The “soda water” shrimp bait secret that stimulates the feeding mechanism of huge lunker catfish. (This shockingly effective old secret targets only the big guys… ) (If you’re sick of 2-5 pound catfish –- use this to go for the local record!)
An expensive “silver bullet” catfish bait you can use to rip catfish out of the water one after another. (This one is deadly, and Lee's never been skunked with it in over 30 years… )
An amazing “seed” that blankets your entire spot with a unique catfish attracting scent. (Hint: This works best with trot lines, and will also trigger strikes on your bait!)
The amazing story of the female “catfish kicker”! (You won’t believe this shocking strategy for catching catfish with no pole, line, or hook… and no, it’s not noodling...)
A secret for making your live bait struggle like crazy exactly 6 inches off the bottom… (This will kill your bait in less than 15 minutes... but it won’t matter because catfish will slam this almost immediately!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 12 seconds)
And more "lazy" methods of catching catfish!

Old School Catfisherman #6:
Stephen "The Mad Scientist" Jaskowak

Stephen comes from a long line of old school catfishing fanatics. His obsession with catfish started 39 years ago when his god father (a respected old game warden) showed him his most powerful catfishing secrets...

(Click the play button to hear him tell it - 10 seconds)

Stephen got so addicted to catching catfish, he started breeding them in his backyard pond. This "test lab" is where he developed potent bait mixtures, riggings, and presentations that drive catfish wild.

He used these discoveries to dominate his family's exclusive catfishing contest every year. None of the old school fishing masters in his family can catch as many catfish as Stephen... and now he's going to show you every secret in his bag of tricks.

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 12 seconds)

Here's a little of what he'll show you:

How to use a special type of canned food, a freezer, a can opener, a nail, a hammer, an eye hook, and a string to attract a boiling swarm of catfish in feeding frenzy! (Does everyone say a spot is fished out? You’ll be shocked by what happens when you drop this catfish bomb into the water… hold on to your rod!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 15 seconds)
The spring catfish killing meat Stephen discovered while visiting his buddies' meat packing plant. (If you follow his simple strategy for using it, you'll catch a mess of 6-8 lb. catfish during springtime too!)
How to create "fluttering stink bait" that releases a combination of scent and vibration catfish will investigate and attack!
Stephen’s “back pocket” bait he uses when all else fails! (He found these while digging at the beach... and you can also get them at any grocery store)
An amazing "trout trick" Stephen uses to turn docile catfish into blood-thirsty killers! (He tested this in his catfish aquarium, and was shocked by how quickly it fired catfish into a frenzy. Now, he uses it to create thrilling catfish battles in his local spots almost every time he turns it loose!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 16 seconds)
The underhand pitch technique Stephen uses to catch dozens of catfish by any rock wall. (Imagine getting a quick strike 30 seconds after your bait hits the water... almost every single time. He'll show you exactly how.)
A disgusting strategy for making “super shrimps” that draw catfish in from over 100 yards away. (These horrific smelling baits are easy to make... but they take 12 hours of “hands off” preparation)
The closely-guarded “oil glob” secret that sends a dispersing scent through the water... grabbing the attention of catfish up to 5 football fields away!
How an old fishing master beat Stephen in a fishing contest by 3 ounces with his “rotten chicken feet” secret. (This lethal tactic builds the momentum of catfish feeding, so it gets better the longer you fish!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 29 seconds)

How to systematically dismember white perch to catch catfish bigger than 10 pounds almost every time you try. (If you like landing bigger than average catfish, this the most surefire way to haul 'em in quick!)

How Stephen hauled in a 30 pound monster by freak accident… and how you can duplicate his success with a unique 8” bait fish and a balloon bobber! (He was actually fishing for musky when he discovered this catfishing secret...)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 1 minute 15 seconds)
…and much more!

Old School Catfisherman #7:
James "The Prodigy" Ketchum

James is one of the most naturally gifted catfishermen I've ever met. In fact, when he was 4 years old, he caught more catfish than all his dad's buddies with a piece of fishing line, an old hook, a washer, a float, and a handful of crickets!

(Click the play button to hear him tell it - 31 seconds)

He's always had the "magic touch" for catching fish... and he's going to show you exactly what he does to dominate his local fishing scene. Even James admits, "it's not magic at all, if you know the secrets".

You're about to discover:

How to coax monster catfish into the shallows by "spiking" the water with a secret substance... for easy “sight fishing” catches. (You'll actually be able to see these huge cats... and drop your bait right on top of them!)
How to locate "current based” catfish ambush points and swim a perfect bait into the feeding zone for quick strikes! (Catfish gather like a pack of ravenous wolves in these strategic areas… and James will show you how to serve them his "money bait" on a silver platter!)
An old trick for turning internal bull organs into monster cat super baits! (You may not think you have a snowballs chance in hell to catch a record… but when you slap this on a 6 ought hook, you’ll be amazed by what you haul in!)
How James nailed a monster 76 pounder on 6 pound test line! (He broke 2 poles before he hauled it in… and you’ll be shocked by the itty bitty bait he used to nail it!)
2 saltwater shark chum recipes that will attract catfish from up to 15 miles away! (This secret formula whips them into such a frenzy, they'll destroy almost any bait you put down.)
The crazy old school rigging that uses a weird combination of split shots and swivels to catch multiple catfish at once.
A rancid catfish sludge James makes with 5 gut wrenching ingredients. (When you drop this stuff down, you’ll notice an immediate increase in the bite… and an hour later you won’t be able to keep your line in the water for more than 10 seconds without getting hammered!)
How to spruce up certain restaurant leftovers with shrimp scent, Jell-O, and garlic... and use it to catch catfish like crazy. (This works best in bodies of water that contain crawdads.)
How to increase the catfish catching "kick" of any bait with a specific kind of hard liquor. (James consistently out fishes his buddies when he preps his night crawlers with this... and his friends are none the wiser!)
A secret that lures catfish to the surface... and forces them suck your bait into their mouths. (It’s a common misconception that catfish always bite on the bottom… and when they charge to the surface for this enticing presentation, they'll take it down with one bite!)
A "scent dispersal" secret that can double the number of catfish you pull up. (James used this lethal technique to catch 28 catfish over 20 pounds, and 10 over 40 pounds... in 1 week!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 19 seconds)
How to catch more than 10 channel cats with enormous green and yellow bugs… in less than 1 hour! (James will also show you how to trap a bunch of these commonly found bugs quickly...)
A "leverage secret" for outcasting your friends from the bank... no matter how strong they are. (It always feels good when your cast zips past everyone else's… and James will show you a special trick to do it almost every time!)
A hotlist of weird old school baits that target the feeding tendencies of bigger catfish. (James has personally tested each one... and he’s discovered big cats will hit these more often than common baits.)

A simple technique that forces your bait to swim in erratic patterns... driving catfish into a murderous rampage! (Your bait will look like "easy prey", which is why they'll snap it up quick)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 11 seconds)
And many more old secrets!

Old School Catfisherman #8:
Randy "The General" Musgrove

He's a master catfishing strategist who's created unique rigs and "bait tactics" to target under-the-radar catfish hotbeds.

You'll use his techniques to pull hundreds of catfish out of spots most guys completely ignore.

"The General" will show you:

How to trigger an instant (and hard-hitting) strike by "tickling" a catfishes' whiskers. (This subtle technique telegraphs the urge to bite right into it's brain!)
How to use a rotting organism to create a catfish feeding ground in almost any patch of water.
The secret pink bait a group of old fishermen used to triple their catfish catches on trot lines! (Plus, most other species avoid this like the plague, so you won't waste time catching "junk fish")
The #1 mistake responsible for most monster catfish escapes. (Randy will show you how to correct a flaw that exists in most fishing rigs so you bring in more big ones... and hardly ever lose 'em!)
The “shot gunning” secret that can catch almost every living thing in the water – including catfish. (It’s perfectly legal and Randy uses it to catch catfish, bass, bluegill, eel, and turtle all at the same time!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 18 seconds)
How to catch a bucket-load of "super crawlers" in less than 5 minutes! (Kids absolutely love doing this... and they'll catch a lifetime supply for you -- if you show them Randy's crazy strategy)
An ingenious method for using green “catfish candy” to catch hundreds in a single night... automatically!
The “Musgrove special” big rig setup that will catch almost every species of fish in freshwater... and saltwater! (This can turn any average fisherman into a die hard fish-catching maniac... especially if you bait it following Randy's special instructions)
A shockingly powerful technique Randy uses to catch catfish on the surface... with a unique top water lure! (This simple method proves catfish will attack on the surface... and Randy will show you how to unleash it for dramatic top water strikes!)
A heavy tackle tactic for catching monster catfish Randy discovered when he was 6 years old... (He saw a local game warden pull up a 42 pounder with it... and Randy has used it to keep big cats chomping at his bait ever since!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 18 seconds)
...and more catfish catching strategies!

…And That’s Just The Beginning Of
What’s In Store For You…

These catfishing masters covered a ton of secrets for squeezing maximum catches out of your next trip… but there are 4 more areas that are critical for making you the best catfisherman possible.

Luckily, I’ve got them covered for you.

You see, while the Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets course was being created – I was also working on 2 other catfishing courses, and 2 special catfishing reports. And they are ALL complete!

As part of this Introductory Special, I’ve decided to (temporarily) give all 4 of these products away for FREE when you sign up for the Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets Course –- until midnight this Sunday, .

Here’s what I’m throwing in with the main course:

FREE BONUS GIFT #1: Old School "Mass Attraction" Bait Doctoring Secrets Course ($79 Value)

Most catfishermen spend more time looking for catfish than actually fishing... which is why Ed and Clayton are giving you a "treasure chest" full of secrets for attracting hundreds of catfish to your fishing spots.

They're ready to show you everything -- so you're able to fill your spot with hungry catfish... and never waste another minute searching for them.

These tactics go far beyond simple chumming methods. You'll discover old school attraction oils, vibration makers, dispersing stinkbait recipes... and much more. Everything is designed to attract catfish like flies on horse manure -- by every means possible.

Here's some of what you'll find in the course:

Ed "The Bait Doctor" Karshner: Old School “Bait Doctoring” Secrets For Attracting And Catching Huge Lunkers

Ed owns a small fishing outfitter shop, and he's been hanging around old school fishermen his whole life.

Their friendly competition for catching the biggest lunker has been heating up for years... and Ed's kept the edge by secretly "doctoring" his baits with a wild variety of ingredients.

He's personally tested all his creations, and he'll show you the most powerful "monster catching" baits in his arsenal.

Here's what he'll show you:

3 amazing “targeted” catfish attracting baits that work in almost every location and situation. (Each of these is so potent, its like taking the attraction power of a bucket of chum... and putting it on the end of your hook!)
A foolproof “Huckleberry Fin” bait Ed uses when all else fails! (He guarantees this will catch at least 1 big catfish so you never go home empty handed... and embarrassed)
How Ed caught over 200 pounds of catfish in a single evening by "calling" them with an old school attraction strategy. (You can easily duplicate his success by following a few simple instructions. Just imagine the look on your wife's face when you come home with a stringer of catfish it takes 3 grown men to carry!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 7 seconds)
Why 50% of catfish that bite your bait may be spitting it out instantly... without you knowing! (Hint: most riggings send "tension" into a catfishes' mouth, causing them to release the bait before getting hooked. Ed is going to show you a way to eliminate the tension completely... so you start hooking the ones that would have gotten away.)
How to use a secret paste, a treble hook, and a catfish sponge to rile them into a frenzy. (A catfishes' biological makeup gives it a super sense of smell... and this presentation keeps an enticing "stink" on your hook for hours!)
Why a sinker can completely ruin your day of fishing... and how to make it completely "invisible" to catfish. (A sinker can blow your cover again and again if you don't use Ed's little trick to keep your presentation completely natural.)
A crazy combination of dissolving stink bait, gagging minnows, and a tube of sludge that attracts hungry catfish... pisses them off... and presents a nasty minnow that will get blasted instantly! (This old secret primes catfish to bite by taking them through their 3 natural hunting stages...)

The “stop and snap” hook setting secret that stabs the point of your hook through a catfishes' deep jaw almost every time. (This technique plays into a catfishes natural food devouring process to get a deep hook set they can't escape.)

(Click the play button to hear what happened
when a guy took Ed's advice - 25 seconds)
10 different styles of blood baits catfish "lock on" to... and hammer! (Ed will also show you subtle presentation tweaks that take these baits to the next level... so you get bites almost at will)
How to force the chase instinct to take over a catfishes' brain with Ed's “5 feet in 5 minutes” fishing pattern. (Ed will also show you how to use this pattern with his pie casting system, for an action packed day of big cat battles!)
The “cream filling” you'll stuff into 3” minnows to catch catfish almost anywhere! (This is Ed’s devastatingly effective “go to” bait he uses to out catch the locals in places he’s never fished before.)
An old school “angled” rigging you'll tight line with 3 wickedly devastating baits at specific varying depths. (It takes a little time to set this up the first time – but the results are amazing once you turn these baits loose!)
How to shred certain muscles in live bait so it sinks to the bottom in a bloody flailing mass. (This is not for the faint of heart… but if you can stomach it, you'll be rewarded with arm-breaking giant catfish attacks!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 14 seconds)
How Ed accidentally caught a $200 pole he dropped to the bottom of the lake 24 hours earlier! (This is an amazing story... and he keeps this “lucky pole” with him to this day)

(Click the play button to hear this crazy story - 42 seconds)
And many more bait doctoring secrets!

Clayton "Stinky" Young: How To Create A Catfish Feeding Frenzy With Old School Stink Bait Recipes

This homemade bait specialist has spent the last 20 years increasing the potency of his grandfather's secret recipes. He's mixed several breakthrough baits that will "steal" catfish out of surrounding spots... and keep yours filled with ready-to-strike monsters.

He's going to give you every recipe, along with some of his most successful catfishing techniques. He'll show you:

How to make a blood curdling bait containing “liquid fish”, chicken hearts, cereal, and 5 more catfish swarming ingredients! (This actually fills your spot with dozens of catfish and engages their feeding mechanism.)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 1 minute 10 seconds)
The “slip ‘n slide” rigging that forces a circle hook to latch on to the corner of a catfish’s mouth for an inescapable hook set.
Grandpa’s "slump buster" catfish bait Clayton uses to catch his limit in less than 2 hours almost anywhere in the country…

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 6 seconds)
How empty Aquafina bottles can “magically” find multiple catfish holding zones. (Just move to the next hot spot when the bite slows down to keep cats on all day long)
A “super strong” dough ball recipe Clayton got from his grandmother in the early 1960’s… and the weightless rig setup you'll use to stimulate hard hitting catfish strikes. (Clayton's family has closely-guarded this secret for almost 50 years... but I finally coaxed it out of him with a wad of cash!)
How Clayton caught a 36.5 lb. blue catfish on a specially-rigged drop line… and how you can use it to pull up the largest blues in your area.
A new bait recipe Clayton uses to burn up the pay lakes by slamming catfish after catfish... crushing the competition. (He’s been #1 out of 150 locals 2 years in a row… and he's been banned from the competition for winning too much!)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 1 minute 4 seconds)
His grandpa's universal dough recipe that can catch every living thing in the water including: catfish, carp, snapping turtles, rainbow trout… and more... (Nothing beats the thrill of dropping this down to see what tears it apart next!)
A sneaky trick for "stealing" strikes from nearby fishermen by reversing the order of 2 common catfish baits.

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 38 seconds)

How to catch over 75 catfish in a single weekend using a little-known bait you can get at any superstore!

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 44 seconds)
How to attract and catch catfish under the ice by cutting a 2” plastic lure in half, and dipping it in a homemade mixture. (All you've gotta do is jig it to get arm-breaking winter catfish strikes)
How Clayton battled a 5 foot monster catfish for 25 minutes and almost landed it before it snapped his rod in two... and escaped! (It sounded like a 44 magnum going off, and scared the heck out of innocent bystanders)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 39 seconds)
And more homemade bait secrets!

FREE BONUS GIFT #2: Advanced Old School Catfish Behavior Stimulation Course ($79 Value)

No matter what you're hunting... the more you know about the mind of your prey, the more successful you're going to be.

Albert and Steve have been studying the biology and behavior of catfish for a combined total of 56 years... and they've been catching 'em their entire lives.

Through careful study, experimentation, and testing these guys have discovered how to trigger different catfish instincts... actually controlling their behavior.

You'll be able to trick catfish right onto your hook once these guys show you everything they know.

Here's what they'll reveal:

Steve "Bloodhound" Farmer: Inside The Brain Of A Catfish: How To Accurately Predict Where They Are Hiding And What They Are Waiting To Strike

Steve got his old school fishing "core" from his papa when he was growing up. Since then, he's become a student of catfishing... and he's spent thousands of hours perfecting his catfish controlling techniques.

Just follow his methods step-by-step:

Steve's secret shad fillets that out catch cut or live shad by almost
2 to 1.
(Imagine the look on some fisherman's face when you move in and catch more in 30 minutes than he's caught all day!)
A simple rig that consistently out pulls standard three-way swivel catfish rigs most guys use… (Steve figured this out by accident when he was bass fishing!)
A rare species of worm that turns sluggish catfish into insane monsters hell-bent on devouring them! (Hint: these worms feed on hallucinogenic bean pods that grow on the American Indians' favorite tree)
How to pinpoint the perfect fishing location at the perfect time by exploiting unique brain-wiring in every catfish. (Hitting the right location at exactly the right time is 90% of the battle... and this is an easy way to predict major catfish feeding zones)
How to drive catfish into a pissed of rage so they hammer you… with common bass lures! (Yep, Steve reveals an amazing technique for hauling ‘em in with plastic worms, spinner baits, crank baits… and even plastic lizards!)

(Click play to hear how Steve discovered this by
freak accident in a local bass tournament! - 10 seconds
The "magic" combination of weather, barometric pressure, and water temperature you can exploit to catch catfish for 8 hours straight... without moving once.
How to rig a live shad so it swims like a rattle-trap with a "twist", and gets slaughtered by monster cats. (Big catfish respond better to "easy meals"... and this secret makes your shad a sitting duck!)
The simple beginner technique (using live shad) Steve’s wife used to pull up 6 bass, 1 catfish, and a 12 pound striper... in one hour! (Now she's got the "fishing fever"... and Steve can’t keep her home anymore!)
A popular kids candy that catfish destroy on trot lines! (Steve will show you how to set up a trot-lining system with these surprisingly effective baits.)
The dead bluegill secret that attracts swarms of catfish... so you can haul them in one after another. (Hint: you'll be doing a bit more than just chopping a blue gills' head off...)
A sneaky trick for detecting hidden monsters in deep water... and how to coax them out with a stench-filled bait they'll hit hard! (Fish finders won't "see" lurking lunkers when they embed themselves in structure. But these natural indicators will point you to record-setting opportunities)

(Click play to hear how Steve used this to nail a 31 pounder that
dragged him around the lake in his small boat! - 45 seconds
A "funk-busting" presentation that instantly fires up the bite again, after a long catfish battle. (When a catfish is in distress, it releases warning chemicals that can shut things down for hours in your spot... now you'll have a unique "secret weapon" on the end of your hook to keep the action hot and heavy!)
How to identify “ping pong” catfish feeding patterns, and position bait in every part of their route. (If you follow Steve's instructions, this brilliant strategy can catch a whole school of catfish in less than 2 hours!)
How to exploit the vulture-like behavior of catfish to hook 'em... and land 'em before they know what hit! (Fact: catfish are scavengers, and they can be easy to catch if you use Steve's little trick to "play" right into their mouths!)
And more catfish manipulating secrets!

Albert "Pied Piper" McBee: How To Exploit Biologically Wired Catfish Behaviors To Catch Your Limit In Less Than 1 Hour

Albert's been catching the thunder out of catfish for over 55 years... and now he runs a "1 man" old school catfish guide service in Oklahoma.

He's also a student of the biology, habits, and instincts of catfish. And he's discovered techniques that exploit the natural behaviors of catfish. In fact, his tactics are so deadly, he guarantees everyone on his boat gets their 15 fish limit. (It's been over 4 years since someone missed their limit fishing with Albert)

You're about to discover his instant strike "money baits", bite-zone creation secrets, condition guides, and much more like:

Albert's amazing "dive system" that creates an irresistible shallow water presentation for channel catfish. (This is the ultimate "easy meal" for channels… which is exactly what they're looking for!)
A huge beginner mistake that will make a bait undetectable to catfish… which is why some fishermen go for hours without getting a single nibble.
The 6” long “demon on a hook” that will fight and thrash its way into a catfish’s mouth almost every single time. (These insane creatures cause such a wild stir, catfish move in like mini great white sharks!) (This is Albert's favorite flathead bait...hands down.)

(Click play to hear part of it - 11 seconds)
How to take advantage of a natural (and invisible) fishing aid... and its unique “catfish collecting” properties. (This can make catfishing so brain-dead simple, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel…)
How to rile up the territorial battle instincts of a group of catfish... and cause an all out assault that could rip the pole right out of your hands! (This is a wicked-good bait presentation... and Albert will explain the biology behind this secret that can catch a mess of catfish in the right situation)
The hidden “safety zone transition” spots catfish suspend in when they aren’t on the prowl… and how to fish these locations to create an active hot spot. (Most fishermen never discover these little-known catfish holding zones)
4 strike-triggering plastic baits channel catfish absolutely hammer! (It took Albert years of trial and error to discover these... and if you turn them loose in his recommended situations, you'll catch more than guys using live bait)
The wintertime “straggling shad” secret for hauling in record-shattering blue cat monsters! (This one is so obvious I bashed my head against the wall wondering why I didn't think of it first...)
A nasty punch bait that "rings the dinner bell" for channel cats... forcing them to charge in and tear it up! (Albert has made bait so good he's sold it... but he’s never made anything that holds a candle to this)
How to find swarms of baby fish catfish love to cannibalize... and exactly where to position your bait to slam big ones coming in for the kill.
“Biological warfare” that can create 3 different catfish feeding frenzies in 15 minutes! (Once you set this up, you can rotate between the 3 spots and catch catfish all day long... without any lull in the action!)
A touching story about how Albert helped a 4 year-old catch his first catfish... a 7-pound channel. (...while the kids grandpa watched with pride-filled eyes...and a smile a mile wide.)

(Click play to hear part of it - 24 seconds)
A type of grain that can instantly turn lazy catfish into aggressive killers! (Albert calls it "catfish catnip", and he uses it to stimulate action when they haven't been biting on anything...)
A common game fish most big cats attack on sight... and how to rig it so you slam 'em. (Warning: this is only legal in some areas. Check with your local fish and game department first...)
How Albert hauled in a 7 foot, 130 pound gar... and survived the beating it gave him on the boat. (This crazy story is no lie, as reported in the local paper. The thing drew blood, and destroyed everything on board!)

(Click play to hear part of it - 1 minute 36 seconds)
And much, much more!

FREE BONUS GIFT #3: The Top 10 "Bonehead" Catfish Fishing Mistakes ($29 Value)

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve spent hours preparing your tackle box and equipment... you’ve spent money on bait (and gas) to go fishing… you feel the anticipation of the fight with a monster catfish…

You drop your line in, and nothing. You go to the next spot… nothing.

You become frustrated and disappointed. The goal is to catch fish, not sit there waiting to get a bite – for hours! So you finally give up and go home - dejected.

The truth is, you probably made key mistakes most casual catfishermen make every day. These common blunders prevent catfish from biting –- without you knowing why.

In this special “easy reading” report, the old timers reveal these major catfishing mistakes – and tell you exactly how to avoid them. So, instead of boredom and frustration – you’ll feel the thrill that comes with constant catfish fightin’ action!

Just some of what you’ll discover:

The #1 reason catfish are lost during the last 10 feet of the fight... and how to avoid this rookie mistake.
The only 5 kinds of fishermen on the planet... and why the gear list of each is radically different. (You’ll discover which type you are, and get an optimized list of equipment)
A big blunder most beginners make after a fishing trip… that guarantees they’ll lose at least one catfish the next time out!
How to quickly test a spot to see if there's a snowballs chance in hell of catching catfish. (Instead of wasting time in dead spots, you’ll rotate through into the hottest spots on the water!)
The single biggest mistake plaguing almost every fisherman in the world... and a quick fix for anyone who’s disappointed by his catfish catches.
How to increase your catches by at least double with an old school stealth fishing secret very few fishermen know.
“Magic Sauce” that instantly turns any ordinary catfish bait into a wickedly effective catfish attracting ball. (You’re crazy to leave home without a bottle of this!)
2 "super hooks" developed with fish hooking secrets discovered by American Indians. (Yes, the men would spear fish...but the women would make their own special hooks to catch them)
And more mistake fixes!

FREE BONUS GIFT #4: “Cutting Through The Crap” Catfish Fishing Equipment Report ($49 Value, Lifetime Updates!)

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with the amount of fishing equipment available, get ready to “cut through the crap”! This special report lists only the proven equipment you need to catch catfish… and nothing more.

You can trust the information because it comes from old fishermen who’ve experimented with almost everything. (They know what works... and what doesn't
-- because they've been at it a long time)

Follow their advice to arm yourself with the perfect equipment for your situation. You’ll only spend money on things that help you catch catfish… so you’ll never waste money on useless crap. (And you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out on your own)

You’ll also receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATES of this report as new equipment comes on the market… but only after each one is tested, and proven to increase your catches.

FREE BONUS GIFT #5: Free Shipping! ($15 Value)
(For “full” and “3 payment” plans only…)

Imagine How Many Catfish You’ll Catch (Consistently)
By COMBINING The Secrets In This Package

Your biggest advantage will come from using one fisherman’s tactics in combination with another guys’.

You see, each of these fishermen has a different set of old school secrets that work… and you aren’t limited to information from just one guy. Instead, you’ll tap into the collective “knowledge pool” of 12 old masters!

You’ll become one of the most knowledgeable, respected, and successful catfishermen in your area.

Just sit back, pour yourself a drink, and…

Let These Old Masters Fill Your Bag Of Tricks With
Easy-To-Follow (And Wildly Effective)
Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets

The course has been carefully designed so it’s simple to retain the information. You'll absorb everything in 3 ways:

1. You’ll listen to these old school fishermen reveal their secrets on the CD's. (These guys are crazy characters! You'll love it…)
2. You’ll read the transcripts of what they said on the CD’s.
3. You’ll follow simple step-by-step instructions (including crystal clear photos and illustrations) of every old school catfishing technique in the manuals.

I personally recommend you use a combination of all three. That way you won’t miss anything.

Plus, everything is easy to understand because these guys live to fish… and they know exactly how to explain things so anyone can “get it”. (and catch lots of catfish!)

It’ll be like cracking open a beer with these old school fishermen, as they guide you through their catfish catching techniques. And when you put their closely-guarded secrets to work –- you’ll be able to whip out the best tactic, at the perfect time, in any fishing situation… and nail ‘em!

"I Brought Up A 57 Pounder With One Of
The Shallow Water Techniques..."

(Click "play" to hear Doug's message - 56 seconds)

Hi Dan,

I just called to give you some quick feedback about your old school catfish course.

I've only used a few of the things in the course, but it's already increased my catch by 33%... and I brought up a 57 pounder using one of the shallow water drifting techniques with a live shad.

I'm not spending a lot of time trying to find them either. I've been using one of Ron Woodard's homemade chum recipes, and lord does it get their attention...

In the past, I've had problems catching catfish when a weather front moves in - things just shut down. Next time it happens, I plan to use some of the tactics in the course for stirring up bites when it shuts off.

I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm very impressed with what you've put together, Dan. Thanks again.

Have a good one.

Doug Brown
Bethany, Illinois

Doug only has time to fish a couple times a
month, but since he started using the course
he brings home a nice stringer every time.

“But, How Do I Know This Stuff Will Work Where I Fish?”

“A catfish is a catfish”… no matter where it lives. Yes, there are differences when fishing certain areas, but a catfishes’ basic instincts are the same everywhere. (That’s why the best catfishermen “borrow” proven tactics from different areas of the country to use at home)

These old school secrets tap into those inner instincts to catch a ton… no matter where you fish. It doesn’t even matter if you own a boat…

You’ll Catch A Mess Of Catfish From Boat Or Shore…

A catfishes' behavior doesn’t change depending on where you stand. (As long as you don’t scare them) It’s the techniques that make all the difference… not a $30,000 boat.

Now, some techniques in the course are targeted to either boat fishermen or shore fishermen…

But in either case, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that nobody in your area uses techniques even close to what you’re about to unleash... (you get my point )

Why These “Old School” Catfish Fishing
Secrets Can’t Be Found Anywhere But Here…

Listen, most of these old fishermen grew up catching catfish to survive –- in small “backwater” towns across the country. When they found a new technique for catching catfish, they didn’t tell a soul… because it wouldn’t work as well if everyone else started using it.

So they’ve closely-guarded their secrets for decades… until now.

You can forget about finding any of their stuff on the Internet. These guys don’t use computers unless their grandkids help. (It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks!)

But they know what the Internet is... and they were pretty paranoid their secrets would spread like wildfire (over the Internet) once the course was released. So, I had to calm their fears…

Here’s Why Their Secrets Are Safe With Me And You…

1. Most guys aren't serious fishermen and won't invest in the course. So the information won't be very widespread. Only guys that love catching catfish (and want to catch more) will get the course... and they'll all want to keep these secrets to themselves.
2. It’s a “physical” course with real CD’s and paper manuals… so it’s very difficult to duplicate and put on the Internet. (Plus, I’ve put special copy protection in place)
3. I promised that the course will only be offered to a small group of “insider” catfishermen.

You can’t really blame these guys for wanting to keep their secrets hidden from the fishing public. These old school techniques continue to give them a huge advantage over other fishermen –- and they don’t want to lose it.

Between you and me, the agreement (in writing) is that 250 courses will be produced. Once they’re gone, I’ll try to negotiate another deal with these guys so I can produce more… but there are no guarantees.

The only way to guarantee you get a package is to grab it now.

“Okay Dan, I Can’t Wait To Start
Slammin’ Huge Cats After Digging Into
These Old School Secrets…”

Place your order today to guarantee FREE SHIPPING and ALL the bonuses. In a few days you’ll be catching catfish at will (in any spot or condition)… Plus, these secrets will show you how to save money on equipment, bait, and gas.

You’ll never waste time and money on disappointing fishing trips. Instead, you’ll catch your limit almost every time… and love every minute of it!

"I used some of the chum recipes...
to catch 25 catfish in a single outing."

(Click "play" to hear Thomas' message - 39 seconds)


All these guys really know their stuff, much of the information in the course was new to me.

I used some of the chum recipes, and a few of the recommended baits to catch 25 catfish in a single outing... plus I caught an 18 pounder using one of the still line techniques.

The course is about real old time fishermen across the country, not a bunch of T.V. pros I can't relate to - and I'd like to go fishing with any of these guys. They are all very personable.

Thanks again Dan. You sent me everything you promised in a direct and timely manner, and I believe you are a man of your word.

Thomas Randolph
Gordo, Alabama

Tom Randolph with his 18 pounder... caught
with one of the old school still line setups

Here’s Exactly What You Get
Delivered Right To Your Front Door:

The Old School Catfish Fishing Family Secrets Course (includes 8 CD’s, 8 manuals, interview transcripts, and step-by-step instructions of every catfishing secret – including photo illustrations!) ($297 value)

Plus these 5 bonuses available for a limited time! (this Sunday, ):

Bonus #1: Old School "Mass Attraction" Bait Doctoring Secrets Course (CD, manual, interview transcripts, step-by-step instructions) ($79 value)

Bonus #2: Advanced Old School Catfish Behavior Stimulation Course (CD, manual, interview transcripts, step-by-step instructions) ($79 value)

Bonus #3: Special Report #1: The Top 10 "Bonehead" Catfish Fishing Mistakes ($29 value)

Bonus #4: Special Report #2: “Cutting Through The Crap” Catfish Fishing Equipment Report ($49 value, with lifetime updates)

Bonus #5: FREE Shipping (only when choosing payment plan #1 or #2) ($15 value)

That's $548 of value when you add it all up.

"Sounds great Dan, how much will all this cost me today?"

Quick Story: This project took on a life of it’s own after I talked to the first old school fisherman. The secrets these guys revealed are far beyond anything I expected. This course is jam packed with unique old school catfishing secrets very few guys have ever seen.

There isn’t anything like it. My big problem is: how the heck do I put a price tag on something so unique?

Here’s what I decided to do.

I found 5 instructional bass fishing manuals. (I couldn’t find much on catfishing) Their average cost is $38. (…and they don’t even come with a CD, just a single illustrated manual)

Well, my Old School Catfish Fishing Course contains 8 manuals and 8 CD’s. If you multiply $38 (the average price of the bass fishing manuals) by 8, you get a price of around $300… I made it $297. (I won't even add in the 8 CD’s to this price… I’ll just throw them into the package for you anyway)

So that’s how I came up with the $297 price.

…and I’m knocking another $100 off as part of my Introductory Special going on until midnight this Sunday, . (I'm doing this because I want the offer to be irresistible right off the bat -- so it gets in the hands of as many catfishermen as possible. Then word of mouth will take over... until the 250 courses are gone)

When you grab your package before midnight on Sunday, you get everything (including the bonus gifts) for only $297 $197.

Listen: the average catfisherman goes fishing about 10 times per year. If you hired a catfishing guide each time, it would run you between $200 and $300 per day. That works out to $2000 -$3000 per year in guide fees. (Which is why you probably don't pay for a guide every time!)

But you'll be investing only $197 total for your Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets package. (This works out to just $19.70 on each of your next 10 fishing trips!) And you'll have the knowledge to catch catfish at will for the rest of your life...

In fact, you'll be catching more catfish than the guides when you put these amazing secrets to work.

Plus, you can easily save much more than $197 on useless equipment and bait over the next year by following the advice in the course. And just imagine how much you’ll save over the rest of your life…

"I got a 38 pound blue cat by following
some of the river bait drifting tips..."

(Click "play" to hear Jesse's message - 41 seconds)

Hey Dan,

In the past, I've had situations where I'd get plenty of bites, but for some reason I couldn't hook or catch them.

Since I started putting the things in your course into action, this hasn't happened... and I've been catching more than I ever did before, especially at night.

To give you an idea, I caught 16 of them in an hour or two with the bait stuffing techniques taught in the course.

Then I got a 38 pound blue cat by following some of the river bait drifting tips.

I just wanted to tell you about my experiences, and say that this course goes way beyond any fishing books I've read... because these guys actually talk to you and explain how to apply their techniques as detailed in the manuals.

I appreciate everything you've done, Dan.


Jesse Columbia
Lexington, SC

Jesse with a 24 pounder he caught
with the "bait stuffing" techniques!

I could make a pretty solid argument that the money you’ll save will more than pay for the course – and I think I already have. This is a killer deal, but you've got to jump on it now...

Grab Your Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets Package NOW, Before The “Introductory Special” Is Gone For Good…

I wish I could set one aside for you at $197, until you are “ready” … but I can only guarantee this low price until midnight this Sunday.

And if you grab your package now, you’ll have gotten everything for $100 less than what everyone else will pay PLUS the bonuses.

If $197 still makes you hesitate, I’ve come up with 3 easy payment plans to make it easy on you.

Here’s How To Get Your Old School Catfish
Fishing Secrets Package Today:

Step 1. Simply click one of the blue order links below for the payment option that is right for you.

Step 2. You’ll be sent to a pre-order page where I summarize everything one more time. When you agree, click the blue link to confirm.

Step 3. You’ll be sent to our 100% secure order page. I use 1ShoppingCart.com, the leader in secure business transactions on the Internet. Just enter your complete address and credit card information. Then, click the button to process your order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your online order is 100% safe because 1ShoppingCart.com uses advanced technology to secure your payment information. As an additional safety measure, your credit card number will be removed from our system after it is charged.

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Begin by selecting your payment plan below…

3 “Old School”, No Risk Payment Plans

Payment Plan #1: The “Catfish Fishing Fanatic” Full $197 Payment

If you want it all, right now – and you’re serious about catching more (and bigger) catfish the next time you go fishing… this is the option for you. I also give you FREE SHIPPING and handling as a “thank you”.

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If you’re on a strict budget, or feel skeptical and want to check it out with the smallest outlay of cash, this option is for you. You’ll be billed $24.75 + $3.95 (shipping and handling) each month for 8 months. After each payment goes through, you’ll receive the next Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets audio CD, mini guide, bonus gifts, and transcripts. You can cancel at anytime…

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And to make sure you feel totally safe, I’m backing up this investment with an…

(Click the green play button to hear my personal guarantee to you)

Yes, you read this correctly. A 100% 1-Year Money Back Guarantee is almost unheard of these days, especially on the Internet. But the bottom line for me is: most fishermen are straight shooters. And I'm happy to give fishermen (like you) a full year to try it out.

Here are the details:

From the day the package arrives at your doorstep: you’ll have 365 days to use every old school secret in the course to unleash hell on the largest catfish in your fishing spot.

If you decide you don’t want to keep the course (you don’t even have to give me a reason), just send it back within the 365 days for a full and immediate refund.

I don’t care if the CD’s are scratched, or the manuals are bent… all you have to do is send it back to our receiving address at:

Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets
4610 Prime Parkway
McHenry, Illinois 60050

…and I’ll issue you a refund on the spot (including your shipping costs). I can credit your credit card, send you a money order, or whatever method you prefer.

I won’t ask any questions, and there’ll be no hoops to jump through. Just an immediate refund of every penny you paid. No B.S.

Look, a few people may take advantage of my generous guarantee. But I’m willing to take that risk so you feel comfortable trying out these old school secrets today. I just want you to know there’s an easy way to get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

"Dan, Your honesty and sincerity comes
through the phone and into the course."

(Click "play" to hear Ricky's message - 46 seconds)

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to call and tell you that the information in the course is stuff I've never heard before. And it works.

I've taken my grandkids out many times, only to be disappointed by not catching any catfish - only a few carp here and there.

But, by applying a few bait techniques shown to me by Lee Croxton in your course, we went out and caught 12 catfish... and one of them was a 12 pounder - my personal best.

I was also impressed by the unique and creative chumming techniques that attract catfish to my fishing spot. This will save me a lot of wasted time trying to find them so I can get busy catching them right away.

You've been a sincere pleasure to deal with Dan. Your honesty and sincerity comes through the phone and into the course.

Have a great day.

Ricky Bauer
Evansville, Indiana

Good ol' Ricky, geared up and ready to go

Click here to order by credit card
using our secure server

You'll Be Stunned How Easy It Is To Haul In Monster Catfish When Your Package Arrives – In Just A Few Days...

WARNING: if you decide to “think about it”, and return later to find this introductory offer has expired (and the price has gone up to $297)… or you find out all the courses are gone and it'll never be offered again –- you’ll always wonder what secrets these Old School catfishermen had to show you.

You’ll always wonder “what if” you missed the secrets that would have changed everything. I don't know about you, but I hate looking back and wondering "what if".

Look I've missed the boat a few times in my life... but you do not want to miss this.

Pick up your package NOW… use it… try every secret… catch as many catfish as you can… and then decide if you want to keep it. You can always send it back within 1 year.

Gone Fishin’,

Daniel Eggertsen
Fisherman & Creator of Old School Catfish Fishing Secrets

"I thought I was dreaming when I pulled it up, and everyone marveled at this monster back at camp..."

(Click "play" to hear Peter's message - 47 seconds)

Hi Dan,

I wanted to let you know that the course is fantastic, and it's jam packed with unique catfish catching information. These old school guys are some of best catfishermen you'll find anywhere, and they have the knowledge to teach even an old pro, like myself, how to catch more and bigger catfish consistently.

I really enjoyed every moment because these guys tell it like it is with their down home personalities. I felt like I was standing on the lake talking to them in person.

I've caught a ton of catfish using one of Ron Woodard's recommended riggings and baits, including a 35 pounder at 3am at Santee Cooper. I thought I was dreaming when I pulled it up, and everyone marveled at this monster back at camp.

I highly recommend this course to any fishermen looking to catch big lunkers.

Thanks again Dan.

Richard L. Scott
Greenville, South Carolina

Man on a mission: Richard at Santee Cooper

"I've consistently caught 50-75 catfish a day using this stuff... along with a 72 pound blue catfish!"

(Click "play" to hear Rodney's message - 1 minute 33 seconds)

Hey Dan,

I've been fishing catfish for over 50 years, and the techniques detailed in the course are outstanding.

These guys are dead on target, and I've consistently caught 50-75 catfish a day using this stuff - along with my biggest - a 72 pound 4 ounce blue catfish. These techniques absolutely work.

The unique chumming methods and smelly bait recipes are some of the most powerful things in the course, along with the information on quickly finding the thermocline.

I grew up in Mississippi where my grandfather and uncles fished to put food on the table, so I really relate with these old guys. They remind me of so many experiences, and all the different tactics for catching catfish.

I've fished catfish from Mississippi to Oklahoma to Florida, to Alabama, to North Carolina and into South Carolina - and I'm convinced these techniques will work in any area of the country.

Dan, you're a trustworthy guy, and it's such a pleasure owning your course.

Rodney Perkins
Summerville, South Carolina

Rodney, his grandson, and one of the cats he pulled up with the smelly bait recipes!

P.S. Imagine having hundreds of powerful (and completely unique) “instinct” catfish catching secrets at your fingertips. You’ll catch dozens (sometimes hundreds) of catfish – even when your fishing buddies can’t get a bite. When you place your order today you’ll receive the set of 8 CD’s, 8 step-by-step manuals, and these 5 free bonus gifts: (1) The Old School "Mass Attraction" Bait Doctoring Secrets Course (including bait secrets for catching monster lunkers, $79 value), (2) The Advanced Old School Catfish Behavior Stimulation Course ($79 value) , (3) The Top 10 "Bonehead" Catfish Fishing Special Report ($29 Value), (4) The “Cutting Through The Crap” Catfish Fishing Equipment Report ($49 Value, Lifetime Updates!), and (5) Free Shipping (if using payment plan 1 or 2, $15 value)

Click here to select a 100% 1-Year Guaranteed payment plan!

P.P.S. Today you’ll get everything for only $297 $197 ($100 less than what everyone else will pay) because of the limited-time Introductory Special good through midnight on Sunday, . Plus, it’s 100% guaranteed with my “no questions asked” 1-Year Money Back Guarantee!

P.P.P.S. No more wasting time (and money) on disappointing catfishing trips. Catch all you can handle by using proven “family secrets” that have been closely-guarded for decades…

P.P.P.P.S. Your fishing buddies (even your kids) will love fishing with you once they see these unique “old school” catfishing secrets. But you must promise me that you only share them with close family and friends. And remember… you must act by this Sunday to get the 5 free bonuses and save $100.

Click here to receive the closely-guarded family secrets of
12 old school catfishermen, now!

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